What is an Automated Sales System (A.S.S.)?

An A.S.S. is a revolutionary framework to build websites that attract, capture, and convert cold prospects into high paying clients by nurturing your visitors with value and help position you as an expert authority.


How to Consistently Increase Your Sales

How to transform your website into an automated sales machine that attracts, captures, nurtures and convert cold prospects into high quality clients.

How Can Having an Automated Sales System (A.S.S.) on Your Website Can Help You Grow Your Business?


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Having an Automated Sales System Will Help You...

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So What Exactly is an Automated Sales System (A.S.S.)?

Building Your Baseline

(Like a skyscraper, your marketing  must start with a solid foundation)

Having a high converting website is the  foundation for a successful business.

We all know Google is the first place most people turn to when looking for help. The first part of any marketing campaign starts with having a solid foundation or high converting website. Because we are living in a digital world, having a website is just not enough in todays environment. If you want to differentiate yourself or your business from your competition, your website must act as an Automated Sales System (A.S.S.).  An Automated Sales System can help you attract, nurture and convert potential prospects into paying clients.

At Trackable Results, we build our websites to rank higher in the search engines by building in many of the essential elements that help the search engines determine what the website is about. Our professional writers can write keyword rich text that not only enables them to rank higher, but also help answer consumer questions, spark curiosity and help generate leads.

Another crucial and differentiating component of  our high converting websites is that they act as an A.S.S. in that they can be built to follow up with website visitors using multi-channel marketing (Email, SMS Messaging, Ringless Voicemail Drops and automated sales videos).

Driving Traffic

Businesses spend billions of dollars on marketing because they know the number one way to get more customers is to get more traffic. Once you have a high converting website, the next step is to send traffic to your site. Many people, including some marketing agencies make the fatal mistake of sending traffic to a website's homepage. This is a big mistake. Instead traffic should be sent to a landing page that speaks directly to a consumers pressing problems and encourages visitors to complete an opt in form or call the business.

Many people complain that their websites don't bring in enough new customers or even worse they don't have ANY traffic going to them. This happens for many reasons. It could be the website was not set up properly to begin with and therefore will never signal to the search engines what the site is about. It could also be that they have not made much effort to improve the websites rankings or quite simply they are not running traffic to the site.

Once your website foundation is built properly, you can start sending traffic to it. Quite simply, sending traffic to a website that doesn't convert will result in  a poor response. Our primary tools of choice for traffic are Search Engine Rankings, Paid Ads and optimizing your Google My  Business Profile.  Some of these strategies can be extremely effective alone or work really well when combined with other sources.

Our team has ample experience working with various traffic sources and can help you get targeted and cost effective traffic to your website to help you generate new leads consistently. At Trackable Results, we don't go in blind, all of our efforts are trackable and measureable so you gage their overall effectiveness and direct your marketing budget to the most effective campaigns in your practice.

Once you have a high converting website, the next step is to send targeted traffic to it.

Optimizing Your Sales Funnel

An A.S.S. can help convert your prospects at every level of the buying process.

We all have sent out various marketing pieces and gotten an immediate sale at one point or another, and maybe a few more that were ready down the line, but what we may not have realized is that there are different phases of the buying process where people are at, at any given time.

Prospects may enter your funnel at various stages of the buying process and likewise should be treated differently. There are those at the beginning of the process who may be 90 days to one year out. Often times these people may not realize they have a problem or are just not ready yet. Consider a couple looking to buy a home who have 6 months left on their lease. They may have intentions but because their circumstances, they are not ready.

The next phase is 30 - 90 days out. These people may be ready to go and just need help making the right decision or finding the right home. The conversation you would have with these people is entirely different than the conversation you would have with someone who is in the tier above and our system enables you to communicate to these leads differently.

At the bottom of the pyramid are the customers everyone wants. They are ready to make a buying decision and just need a little more information on specific features or just need an incentive. The conversation with these folks would again be entirely different and having an A.S.S. allows you to do that effectively. This is important because most websites treat everyone the same. It's no wonder most websites don't convert clients like they should.

Furthermore, numerous studies show the average sale is made between 5 and 12 contacts while most leads only get followed up with once or twice. Having an automated system which enables you to follow up with your leads more effectively, can improve sales significantly.

Maximize Your Conversions

So now we have the high converting website that is getting traffic. Depending what phase of the sales funnel the prospect is in, determines whether or not they will make a buying decision in the near future. Numerous studies show that the majority of sales are made after at least 5-12 contacts, yet most business lack in follow up. What is even worse, is that 96% website visitors leave a site and never return. This means advertising money is being wasted, because leads are not being followed up with effectively.

The simple fact is that continuously following up with your prospects moves the ball down the court. We know the process can be grueling with peoples busy schedules, so we decided to automate the process to help our clients improve their numbers.

When you have an Automated Sales System (A.S.S.) from Trackable Results, you will have the ability to follow up with your leads in an effective and noninvasive way. Our process helps educate prospects and brings them closer to book an appointment or be sold on using you before even meeting you.

With an A.S.S., you will have the ability to follow up with your website visitors online for up to 12 months. Our system also gives you the ability to send prewritten, customized emails, SMS Messages and ringless voicemails and the entire system is automated for you, so you can focus on running your business.

While the opportunities with an A.S.S. are limitless, the fact is when you follow up effectively with your potential prospects, you convert more sales. More sales means, More Money!

The best way to maximize your sales is to convert your leads consistently through various medias.

Positioning You as the Expert Authority

When all components of the Trackable Results Triangle are complete, you are seen as the obvious Authority Expert and people will be ready to buy.

With so much competition for consumers to choose from, it makes it difficult for consumers to differentiate their ideal solution from your competitors. It is now more important than ever to differentiate yourself and your business to stand out from the crowd.

When you combine all of the elements of the (A.S.S.) together, you have a high converting website, that attracts and convert leads to help you increase sales with less effort. While this is very desired by many business owners business professionals, it also does something that no other website can do and that is branding you as the expert authority.

While one may be the best psychologist, everyone on the street knows Dr. Phil. So it's not always what you know but what the people know about you that helps you generate more sales. 

So now that you have a better understanding of how this all works, would you like to schedule a Free Consultation to discuss some of the ways to improve your lead generation and conversion process to help increase your sales and put your marketing on auto-pilot? Go ahead an book a call to see if having an Automated Sales System (A.S.S.) is right for you. New sales may be right around the corner!

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