Get More Google Reviews Fast with My Review Buddy

Looking to get more reviews for your business?  We all know consumers turn to Google before making a purchasing decision. Getting reviews for your clients can be daunting. Until now!

Now you can get reviews promptly with "With My Review Buddy." My Review Buddy allows you to stack reviews like there is no tomorrow. Choose from using the following to get reviews for your business:  QR Code:

  • QR Code 
  • Unique Link (email or text)
  • Your Website
  • Our Unique "Magic Cards"

Get Reviews Quickly with Your Unique QR Code

Users have the choice to send users directly to the review page of their choice or review gateway to help maximize your positive reviews and send customer feedback directly to the owner. Through our numerous ways you can promote your unique review link to simplify the process to make it easier and faster!

Managing online reviews can be overwhelming for local business owners like you. That's why we created My Review Buddy—an easy and effective solution to help you generate more online reviews, respond to customer feedback, display and monitor your reviews so you can boost your business.  In today's digital world, online reviews are no longer an option, they are essential for business growth. 

Power Up Your Google Reviews in 5 Steps 

1: Instantly Attract New Reviews

We know that getting customers to leave reviews can be a challenge. That's why My Review Buddy provides you with a fast and convenient link to share with your clients. This link takes away the confusion and simplifies the process, making it easy for them to leave reviews. Plus, our team will design a custom graphic that you can use for print, email, or online platforms to encourage your clients to share their experiences.

Use Our "Magic Cards" to Send Your Customers Directly to Your Google Review Screen

For years, many businesses have struggled with getting customers to leave them reviews. Savvy businesses started sending emails and text messages to their clients asking for reviews, but with new A2P registration requirements, many businesses now say those old strategies are ineffective.  

We all know how effective those reviews are, so what is the solution?

So our team developed the "Magic Cards"  These Magic Cards bypass all the BS and take consumers directly to your Google Review Page while they are in your store!

Imagine getting 10 new reviews a day! How quickly would you be able to dominate your marketplace?

2:  Respond to Your Reviews (Good or Bad)

Customer feedback matters, and how you respond to it can make a huge difference. With My Review Buddy's proprietary software, you can automatically respond to reviews in a professional manner, addressing customer concerns with just a click. By taking the time to respond, you show your customers that you genuinely care about their experiences. It also helps potential customers make informed decisions all while boosting your ranking in search engines.

All Reviews Use Our Proven AI Formula to Read and Respond to ALL Reviews

3:  Display Your Reviews for Maximum Impact

Ninety-five percent of website visitors leave a site and never return. Don't let potential customers slip away! With My Review Buddy, you can proudly display your positive reviews on any page of your website. By showcasing the experiences of satisfied clients, you build social proof and increase conversions. Let your potential customers see the kind of experience others have had with your business and watch your sales soar.

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Trackable Results
66 reviews
Silver Phoenix, Inc.
29 days ago

I have used Bryan at Trackable Results for my two businesses SEO needs. From search engine optimization to website development to social media marketing, there is no one more reliable and personalized service than Trackeble Results. I highly recommend them to any entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business.

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Donald Saia
1 months ago

I just got off the phone with Brian Saviano for a marketing consultation and have to say I was completely blown away with the strategies we discussed and how he helped me find holes in my business that I didn't even know that I had. If you can get on a call with Brian, I strongly recommend him

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4 months ago

Trackable Results it’s a great advertising company. Brian was very helpful and knowledgeable. Helped us navigate the process of how to get google reviews and improve our online visibility.

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Evelyn Rios
5 months ago

Brian was amazing. He listened and delivered. I will be hiring him for any future websites and updates needed to my wen page. Great communication. 👍

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7 months ago

While I did not hire Brian for the website, I was impressed with his knowledge, however I hired a family member to complete my site and regretfully I ran into all the problems Brian said I would. Wish I would have listened to him from the beginning.

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Track & Monitor Your Reviews

With My Review Buddy, you can track and monitor all reviews and card swipes so you can incentivize employees to keep pushing reviews. You will know who is pushing reviews and who is not in a convenient leader board with stats that get emailed out daily.

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