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Trackable Results is the leader in premium website hosting. Web hosting is when a hosting provider allocates space on a web server for a website to store its files in the form of a website. Website hosting allows the files that make up a website (code, text, images, etc.) available for people viewing online on demand.

There are many different types of hosting plans. Some plans allow businesses an economical way to allow users to view their website on demand. This is great for brochure type websites, where people can show case their work or service with quality support to help solve issues that may occur. This is important in today's world where things are constantly changing.

About Our Hosting Plans

With the massive growth of cellphones and mobile devices over the last 10 years, there is now an even bigger demand on website speed. This is important because Google said they would be penalizing websites that didn't load fast. Site speed is important because everyone is on the go in this world. Because many searches for local businesses are now on mobile devices, users demand websites to load quickly and will hit the back button if a website does not load fast enough and move right on down to the next one.

While many hosting plans will load fairly quickly, they may be limited in performance. Like a sports car, many hosting plans offer different levels of performance. Because having a website is a necessity for businesses these days, they also draw a lot of unwanted attention, typically from people like hackers. There are many reasons hackers will try to hack into a website. Some have potential to profit others have malicious intent. Regardless of their intention, you become the target.

To help compensate for the increase in cyber attacks, Trackable Results offers deluxe website hosting. Deluxe website hosting provides multiple benefits. First it provides Secured Sockets Layer also known as an  SSL Certificate. An SSL Certificate is a global standard security technology that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server and offers a layer of protection for users. Google said they would penalize websites that did not have an SSL Certificate.

Deluxe website hosting also offers 24Hour Malware scanning to help protect against malicious hackers trying to bring down your website. Additionally, deluxe hosting provides significantly increased site speeds to provider users added convenience. This is  particularly important for mobile users who may be on the go. Websites with more traffic may require more resources and therefore may need to upgrade to a higher level of hosting.

Websites built with WordPress offer many advantages over other platforms. One problem associated with that is they attract hackers with malicious intent. Therefore hosting WordPress websites require continual updates to help provide more protection against hacking. A good website host will provide these updates regularly to your site.

Not all hosting providers are the same. Some of the cheaper hosting providers, typically lack in support or provide support via chat or email. If your site goes down, the last thing you want is to sit on hold or play games texting with a bot to diagnose what the problem is. To avoid this monotony, our service team offers premier support and are here for you when you need us most!

At Trackable Results, we offer two attractive plans for website hosting, Basic and Deluxe.  Our Basic hosting is great for those looking to economize their website's hosting.  The Deluxe plan provides your website and visitors with high speed loading times and includes the highest levels of protection available to your website and helps prevent against unwanted hackers and malicious malware.  To better serve our clients, we offer 1 year and 2 year hosting plans to simply billing and allow users to save money while getting high quality hosting and service.

Save money with our 24 month hosting plans

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